Bane is a major antagonist in The Batman.


At first Glance he is a black clad figure, but once he uses venom he becomes a red hulk like creature.


He doesn't care about property smashing buses and cars to fight Batman.


Bane made his way to Gotham City where he almost immediately began his reign of terror. Bane's Power Infusion Module (The equipment that delivered his Venom), was a system of tubes which stretched around his body and was activated by a dial on his hand. Due to his fantastic strength when he used the device and his high intelligence, Bane was one of Batman's most dangerous foes. However, Venom and Bane's tubing system was perhaps a weakness, since, on several occasions, he was defeated when they were electrocuted. In the episode "Traction", Batman rammed an exposed electrical wire into Bane's Venom applier. Thus defeating him.

His Venom was later stolen by The Joker who used it to become a Monster and spread chaos around Gotham. 

The villain later attacked a Gotham bank and began stealing money. During his attack, Bane was messaged by the Penguin, asking if Bane wanted to join a supervillain gang. Before the bank robber could reply, he was attacked by Batman, Batgirl, and the hero's new sidekick Robin. The heroes defeated Bane and he was returned to jail before he could respond to Penguin.

Later, Bane was taken from jail by a new vigilante by the name of Rumor. Rumor planned to kill Bane and many other supervillains, but the Batman stopped him. Bane tried to kill his rescuer and was taken to jail yet again with the other Villains includeing rumor.

Bane appeared as one of the villains who helped to fight The Joining alongside Joker, Peguin, Mr Freeze and the GPCD.

Bane was one of the supervillains alongside Mr Freeze, Black Mask, and Bassil Karlo who was hired by Lex Luthor to attack Superman although Batman and Robin stopped them all.

Powers and Abilities

  • Nigh-Superhuman Conditioning: Without his Venom, Bane's natural strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, metabolism, intelligence & vitality were at peak-human limits.
  • Martial Arts: Bane's combat skills were almost near Batman's level.
  • Tactical / Strategic Genius: Bane was able to "Bait" & "Trap" Batman, when he was needed for his missions.
  • Venom Serum: The Power Infusion Module which delivered Venom, a super-soldier serum, to his system, Bane gained a certain set of extraordinary physical powers.
    • Superhuman Muscle Mass: As a result of the Venom infusion, Bane gained a rapid increase in muscle mass and became nearly the actual size of a bank vault.
    • Superhuman Strength: Bane was shown the strength to be able to rip open a bank's vault's door as well as other feats of incredible superhuman strength.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Bane was shown to not tire after hours of exertion during fighting.
    • Superhuman Durability: Bane had bullet-proof skin and was highly resilient to physical trauma.


The Batman

Season 1

  • "Traction"
  • "The Rubberface of Comedy" (Cameo in a photo)

Season 3

  • "Brawn" (Mentioned)

Season 4

  • "Team Penguin" 
  • "Rumors"
  • "The Joining, Part 2" (Cameo)

Season 5

  • "The Batman/Superman Story, Part 1"

The Batman Strikes!

  • Issue #4
  • Issue #12
  • Issue #20
  • Issue #32
  • Issue #39 (Cameo)
  • Issue #42



  • In terms of appearance, this Bane differs greatly from previous versions.
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